Welcome to our 2nd new bi-monthly gazette bringing you closer to all the action and goings on inside Go-Pro Football Academy Soccer School for Boys and Girls in Dubai.

In this issue, we look back on a fantastic season, we have all the end of season awards certificates. The latest alumni information of our 23rd 24th and 25th players to go on from the academy and sign contracts to further their football careers. “Team of the season” selection for both the U12s and the U18s. Details on upcoming summer football trips to the UK, USA and SWEDEN . We look into off-season training with tips on how to stay fit from all our coaches. Details of competitions we have entered for the 2022-23 season including the Mina Cup, Man City Cup, and the YFL. Important Dates for next term you need to know about and a new training schedule for the Go-Pro Academy – Don’t forget our EARLY BIRD SPECIAL OFFER detailed on page 18 for sign ups for the 22/23 season – Simply click to download OR visit the GAZETTE PAGE for all issues – Enjoy! 🙂

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