Code of Conduct


The Go-Pro Sports Academy Code of Conduct is important for young players, their parents and the staff at Go-Pro Sports Academy.

It contains guidelines and rules that:
a) Outline expectations
b) Ensure safety and fairness
c) Reduce conflict
d) Ensure high standards of discipline

It is a form of contract with expectations and responsibilities for all those involved and should be read in conjunction with the child protection document. We hope to create a positive professional environment that will allow each player to maximize their potential as a footballer and develop into a responsible adult. Every member of Go-Pro Sports should aspire to levels of excellence, both in and away from training.


Go-Pro Sports agrees to provide:

• A safe environment in which players can learn and develop without fear of abuse. • Sports injury monitoring, advice and support.

• A training and development programme appropriate to the needs and ability to each individual.

• An assessment, player profiling and feedback programme that will provide each individual with the opportunity to reach their maximum potential.

• An environment that will not tolerate any form of racial discrimination.

• An environment that ensures players are treated equally and with the same respect, regardless of their ability.

• Guidelines to the student and parent/guardians on the best ways for them to contribute to the player’s football and personal development.

• Educational support (in conjunction schools) to ensure the continued academic and personal development of the student.

• To adhere to the rules and UAE law governing the operation of Go-Pro Sports Academy LLC.


A Go-Pro player agrees to:

• Attend the Go- Pro Sports training sessions that they have registered for regularly and punctually.

• Provide notice and reasons for any absences/lateness to the academy staff as soon as appropriately possible.

• Immediately report any injury to the academy staff and remain under the care of a physiotherapist/GP until permission is given to resume training/playing.

• Be responsible for their own behaviour at all times, with self-discipline, on and off the pitch.

• Practice with enthusiasm the techniques and skills taught by Go-Pro Sports, make them an important part of a daily programme and attempt to apply them in matches.

• Listen carefully to the information given to you by your coach.

• Attend training/matches in the correct Go-Pro Sports kit, socks up and shin pads on.

• Inform your Go-Pro coach prior to participating in any match outside normal school/coaching hours. If you are in the elite academy, as these games should take priority.

• Be sporting and competitive in all games and treat team-mates, opposition, officials, coaches and parents with respect.

• Follow a lifestyle appropriate to a professional athlete with good eating and drinking habits. Sleeping sensibly and staying hydrated is also an important part of your development (ideally recommended times before 9:30pm for junior pupils and before 10:30pm for secondary pupils).

• Discuss any problems with parents initially. They may then recommend for you to speak to a member of the Go-Pro Sports coaching staff or your school PE teacher/tutor.


DASSA Code of Conduct for pupils:

to the best of their ability at all times.

• ACCEPT without question the decisions of umpires and officials. (Never question/Do not argue with match officials and/or the coach)

• RESPECT all participants in the game and treat them courteously. This includes fellow team members, opponents, umpires, spectators and officials.

• RECOGNISE and applaud positive contributions and good play made by team-mates and opposition.

• PARTICIPATE by the competition rules and regulations.

• NEVER take the law into your own hands

• CO-OPERATE with coach, team-mates, opponents and officials.

• SHAKE HANDS and give three cheers for the other teams and the umpires at the completion of all matches.

• THANK officials and opponents after the competition.

• BE GRACIOUS in victory and defeat. Be a good sport-win with modesty, lose with dignity.

• INFORM the coach of any injury as soon as possible or any other reason why you cannot attend a session / game. If watching a game, or whilst being a reserve, only make positive comments from the side-line. If you have any issues regarding opposition players or spectators these should be directed to your coach.



Football is a global game which ignites passion in all. We should always remember that our attitude is contagious. The referees, the players, the coaches and the fans should come together to enjoy the sport. The other team is our opponent but not our enemy and thus should be treated with respect. Whilst winning is important, we recognize that playing well and fairly is the essence of the game. We will set a good example to your child in his/her soccer development and ask you to do the same by adhering to the following at all times:


Go-Pro Parents/Guardians/Spectators agree to:

• Encourage and help the player meet targets in his practicing, playing and schoolwork.

• Positively support the player without pressure and praise their achievements.

• Support the work of the coaching staff at Go-Pro Sports.

• Set a good example to the player at all times.

• Seek advice from the player’s coach/tutor when needed.

• Communicate effectively with Go-Pro Sports, keeping them informed about all matters affecting the player.

• We fully encourage your support on match days, however, please refrain from talking directly to the players during pre-match training and matches and stay in the spectators designated area.

• Inform from Go-Pro Sports prior to participating in any match outside normal school/coaching hours. If the player is in the elite academy, these games should take priority and should not exceed 30 games per term*.

• Respect the opportunity given to the player and the work of the Go-Pro coaching staff and please inform Go-Pro Sports if the player approaches, or is approached by any other training academy/football club during the period of their registration. *Exceptions allowed under the FIFA Rules and Regulations governing Football Academy’s.



appreciation for a good performance by any athlete or team member in an appropriate and encouraging manner.

all participants in the sport competition and treat them courteously. This includes fellow spectators, athletes, umpires, coaches, staff and officials.

• ACCEPT without question the decisions of umpires and coaches.

• LEARN THE RULES / LAWS and regulations of the sport to gain a better understanding of what you are looking at and commenting on.

• RESPECT and adhere to the rules and regulations.

• DO NOT use inappropriate language or harass, physically or verbally, players, managers, coaches, referees, officials or spectators. Children learn best by following a good example.

• ALL COMMENTS from the sideline should be unbiased and positive.

• CONDEMN the use of violence, profane language and any form of abuse.

• OBSERVE the highest standard of sportsmanship and conduct at all times.

• BE SUPPORTIVE of your child and the team he is involved in.

• PRAISE your child’s efforts whether they win or lose.

Any INAPPROPRIATE behaviour reflects badly on your child, the team and is likely to tarnish the schools reputation.

• RESPECT the traditions and rules of the schools and sporting venues which they visit and act accordingly

• WE VALUE YOUR SUPPORT and look forward to seeing you on the sidelines.