Welcome to our new bi-monthly gazette bringing you closer to the action inside Go-Pro Football Academy Soccer School for Boys and Girls in Dubai.

In this issue, we look back on our positive results after the pandemic, we have reports from all the coaches regarding the Mina Cup competition for the u12s, u14s, u16s and the u18s. We delve into the magnificent u8s, u9s and u10s boys championship winning seasons. There is an insightful article regarding exercise and the positive effects it can have on your studying. We look forward to the international Girls trip to Gothernburg, Sweden for the Gothia Cup this summer. We also have a “Player of the Month” award, a pick for the Boys and Girls “Squad of the month” and the finer details of our all important “END OF SEASON AWARDS” ceremonies for all boys and girls of all age groups.   Simply click to download OR visit the GAZETTE PAGE for all issues – Enjoy! 🙂

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