The Go-Pro Sports Football Academy Dubai Curriculum© is THE most effective and comprehensive player assessment tool in the UAE. Created and developed over several years by our own Go-Pro UEFA certified coaches, the Go-Pro Curriculum provides each Go-Pro player in our academy complete individualized feedback tailored to their personal footballing ability.

The Go-Pro Sports Curriculum is the benchmark for our players’ evaluations whilst measuring and demonstrating their progress in Go-Pro’s professional training environment it sets objectives and goals with realistic timelines.
The Go-Pro Sports Football Academy Dubai Curriculum© isn’t merely an in-house tool, it is internationally renowned by a number of colleges and football clubs, and this international recognition has facilitated many of our Go-Pro players to realize their goals and progress in their football careers.

Why have a Curriculum?
The Go-Pro Sports Football Academy Dubai Curriculum© offers each of our players a strong base and sets out objectives for achieving individual goals. The Curriculum empowers every one of our UEFA trained coaches to tailor their sessions to meet the training needs of each and every player under their instruction. More importantly, it enables our players to set their own personal goals and undertake them through small achievable steps.

How does the Curriculum work?
The assessment scale ranges from Level 1 (Beginner) to Level 5 (Professional). Each level has a 5 Star achievement ladder to allow for differentiated small-step progress.

Every player who joins Go-Pro Sports enters into the Player Performance Indicator (PPI) system of measuring progress. Players may enter the scale at any level based on their initial assessment. The PPI scale is unique in its design as it is gender specific and not based on the age of a player.

The levels are purely performance based and are therefore appropriate regardless of whatever age the player may be, or where they enter the scale (E.g. A player with a PPI Level 2.5 may be 9 years, 13 years or 17 years of age.)