At Go-Pro Sports Football Academy Dubai each and every football coaching program is developed in-house using our UEFA and FA licenced coaches’ expertise and knowledge of players in the region. We provide quality training for all players from all over the world, based in the UAE, age 4 to 18 years, from grass roots level to elite players!

Boys Coaching


Go-Pro Football Academy Dubai follows the established and successful structures of UK professional club academies, however as we are aware of the specific requirements of our players these are adapted to meet their school schedules and hectic timetables that they often encounter.

Our diverse offering of football programs cater for each age group, and these were developed with a clear pathway for progression through those ages in mind.

Starting with fun themed sessions for our players aged 4 and 5 and culminating in our links to colleges and universities in the U.S. where, if the player has the talent, desire and perseverance, they will have the opportunity to gain scholarship educations whilst playing football at college or university level.

For our leading and elite players we are able to, through our network of professional contacts in the UK and US, facilitate trials with academies of professional clubs and colleges with strong roots in sporting excellence.

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Girls Coaching


The Go-Pro Football Academy Dubai, incorporates THE most successful girl’s academy in the UAE for female players 10 to 18 years, led by former Manchester United player Kirk Hilton.

The Go-Pro Football Academy Dubai has worked consistently behind the scenes for several years after realizing that there was a void in the UAE for girl’s football, girls were losing interest in the game due to little or no established pathway.

Go-Pro Football Academy Dubai’s recreational coaching caters to girls who have little or no footballing experience and would like to learn the fundamentals, some knowledge and understanding plus the technical skills required for the game.

As with our boy’s academy, for our elite female players we have established solid links to colleges and universities in the U.S. where, should our girls have the talent and interest, they will have the opportunity to gain a scholarship with free educational opportunities whilst playing football at a college or university level.

​Go-Pro’s high level of professionalism looks to cater to each player’s individual needs and aspirations. We offer technical training, strength, conditioning and weekly fitness training for all of our girls.

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Go-Pro Sports Football Academy Dubai offers players with little or no football experience the opportunity to learn the basics of game. We pride ourselves on our training techniques and programs that develop and improve each and every player that joins us with a desire to achieve their goals.

Go-Pro’s recreational squads are players who purely want to enjoy the game of football and prefer coaching in a calmer and fun environment. Our UEFA qualified coaches have developed sessions which are entertaining however still aim to improve knowledge and overall skill in a relaxed manner.

Developmental Squad


Go-Pro Football Academy in Dubai Development Squads are selected from our players who show the level of commitment, skill set and ambition to continue their football education to a potential college level.

These players should possess the technical skill and tactical knowledge appropriate to their age or above, in relation to the Go-Pro Curriculum and also make up the Go-Pro teams which compete in various leagues.

Go-Pro Pathway© (GPP)


The Go-Pro Pathway© Program is an invitation only’ program and only a select few of our “elite” players, (in fact only the top 5%) are considered for the GPP Program. These players sustain or surpass their target scores which is mandatory in our Go-Pro PPI Curriculum, they show the talent and aptitude to become a top player and have the opportunity to be showcased in front of top UK and US coaches and talent scouts.