Playing out from the back and creating space!

This term we have been working hard on playing out from the back with the back two splitting to create space for the midfielders. Here it is evident in goals from Ali and Thomas!!

Go-Pro Sports Emerging Talent program” by Go-Pro Sports Football Academy based in Dubai is specifically developed for our player’s age 8 to 11 years has been designed to focus on more technical aspects of the game enabling your child to build on their current levels and progress steadily with an understanding of team tactics within the modern game of football.

Our Emerging Football Talent program objective is skill acquisition.  At this age players are geared to learn skills and it is an ideal opportunity for focusing on building theses skills of the game. The focus is on the key physical qualities that can be developed at this stage- speed and agility.

To sign up please contact us below or you can use our sign up page

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