Hayley Moore
2012- 2014

Go-Pro Football Academy Dubai has always been very passionate about creating opportunities for girls and boys in Dubai and with this in mind we started the Go-Pro Girls Football Academy in 2012, one of the first academies specifically for girls in the region. 

Hayley joined our academy in 2012 and it was very evident she had the potential to really develop as an exciting prospect. As Hayley progressed and worked on her technique we decided to take her to Shattuck St Mary’s a pre-college located in Minnesota. After seizing the opportunity Hayley moved away from Dubai at the young age of 16. It was in America where she had to balance her studies and playing soccer/football at the highest level possible. Hayley was rewarded for all her hard work with a D1 scholarship at Mercer University in Atlanta Georgia where she had a wonderful experience playing at an incredible level with exceptional team mates.