Activity Participation & Medical Release Form

In order to comply with current protocols placed by Go-Pro Sports Academy LC, Dubai English Speaking College (DESC) and Dubai Sports Council (DSC) and for the safety of our players, parents, and staff members, each player must complete the following Activity Participation and Medical Release Form.

Please complete all sections of this form.
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Please list any medical conditions, medications and/or allergies that you feel we should be aware of.
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September 2021 to July 2022

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1. These operational guidelines apply to all participants who visit DESC in association with Go-Pro Sports Academy, including athletes, coaches and guardians/parents of athletes.

2. All participants are required to comply with the below to combat the transmission of COVID-19. It is critical that we all adhere to Sports Council rules at all times - please read the guidelines below and we would appreciate if you can discuss these guidelines with your children.


4. Players are prohibited from remaining on the school premises at the end of the school academic day. All player must exit DESC and re-enter once sterilization program has been completed.

5. Players are not allowed to attend training if they;
a. Have been exposed to a person with COVID-19 in the last 14 days
b. Have any respiratory symptoms such as fever, tiredness and dry coughs
c. Have a temperature of or over 37.5 degrees

6. There will be no spectators allowed on the school premises. Parents/ guardians/ drivers will need to wait in the car park.

7. Players will exit the vehicles and queue outside the school wearing their masks whilst maintaining 2m distance.

8. All participants will be required to ‘sign in’. This will entail providing name and Emirates ID number. All participants will be subject to a thermal temperature reading on entrance. Any temperature reading over 37.5o will exclude participant from the session.

9. A member of the Go-Pro team will come and collect the players outside the gate 5mins before the start of their session.

10. All participants will be required to supply their own masks which must be worn at all times and whilst engaged in light physical activity, but can be lowered/removed while engaged in moderate / strenuous physical exercise.

11. All players must arrive ready to train no changing facilities will be available. One bathroom will be available which will be cleaned after every use

12. Players must provide their own clearly labelled water bottles.

13. There will be no sharing of kit, water bottles or any equipment during the session.

14. At end of session players will be guided back to the car park area where they will walk back to their vehicles. All parents/ guardians/ drivers must be waiting in the car park.

15. PLEASE NOTE: These protocols are in place for everyone’s safety. Only book your sessions if you agree with the above rules/ protocols.

Applications can only be processed and finalized when the following is supplied by attachment to this form
or by email to

• One colour passport style photo (head and shoulders)
• Copy of players Emirates ID card (front and back)